Unit III. Shopping and clothes

The unit purpose is enable Ss. to participate in conversations in wich they compare, buy or sell a variety of items.

we work  2 social practices:

1.Giving and obtaining factual information of a personal and non-personal kind and it function making comparison and expressing degrees or differences;

2.Carrying out certain transactions and it function Buying and selling things.

Remember the comparatives have  important grammar rules that why you must to start whit ADJECTIVES

Then you must to identify the type of comparative, there are 3.

1. Superiority (+) when we have an adjective with 2 or less syllable we only add the ending  er, but it is more than 2 syllable or is a long adjective you have to write before the word more

2. Inferiority (-) This kind of comparatives are easy because you only write the word less before the adjective, you don’t have to be worry if this is short or long.

3. Equality (=) here the comparative express the same, so you are going to write as before and after the adjective.

Here are some examples:

(+) This skirt is longer that your mini skirt.

(+) Those jeans are more expensive that my pants.

(-) The shoes are less  heavy than the boots.

(=) The purse is as elegant as the hand bag.

On the second social practice, when we are working on buying or selling things, you must to study the numbers, because we used for $ prices and sizes #.


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