Lets go to work !!!

To this Unit 1.  and this day the Ss. have to learn about animals.
But the questions are. What do you want to learn about animals? And how you can learn? These are the most important answers to get really Knowledge. Now I’ll give some ideas to find information and to make projects or another activities.
The first thing is choose an animal you want to work.
Then find information about the animal staring with the question.
What ?
– Where?
– How?
– When?
– Why?

Simon say touch your nose.

Simon say touch your leg

Simon say touch your head

touch your stomach…..Oh No!  the teacher didn’t said Simon say.  Sorry but you lost.

You feel bad?

Are you sick?

You don’t feel well?

These are the appropriate words to talk about health problems:

I am…                                            I fell…                                    I have…

After this you can say your problem, ache or illness.


Now can you tell to teacher your answer about.

Are you a healthy person?

What do you know about drugs?

How you can be a healthy person?

Can you tell us about drugs prevents?

A drug, broadly speaking, is any substance that, when absorbed into the body of a living organism, alters normal bodily function

Drug addiction is a serious disorder. If not treated, it can lead to crises like loss of employment, living quarters and important relationships. And as if this weren’t enough, this kind of addiction can cause illness and even death. Drug addiction is multi-layered and has a variety of causes as well as contributing factors. With the knowledge we have today, Simplistic anti-drug campaigns, such as the “Just Say No”

México Bicentennial

September 16. Our country celebrate 200 years of independence from Spanish rules, that why we must to fell proud, the humans liberty is one of the most important rights, so you like Mexican Student work too hard, not only to take good grades for school, you have to work all the the time in your life to be the best person because we have the opportunity.

November 20. Revolution help Mexican with democracy, to order the differences between people and have progress to all. Like students today we have many opportunities in school, in daily life, with our family and society. You only have to  choose the way to go for progress Don’t miss chance.

abilities and inabilities


If you want to express yours abilities in present is simple, just say Can before a verb then a complement and is ready you made it. example:

I can play the piano

I can swim in a pool

I can …………

What can you do?

But not all. Many people think we are super heroes, sorry we’re not. So we are not able to do all and to express our inabilities just say in negative form Can’t


I can’t sing very well                                                                                             I can’t dance like a professional











Check the next document to learn more about Health and the body


10 Tips To Healthy Eating



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