Useful Links

Today the Ss. use the  computer or internet  to chat, messenger and some times to send e- mails. Many time you listen or down load music from some sites or MP3. And what about videos on You Tube?  There are many ways to use this information, not only to get some free time activities.

You can learn with these all things.  But you have to decide what to do whit all .

Is  not so difficult just Link the information you find to the works for class. Time for the time is has to be better and useful for your learning!!!


Health and Body parts have many vocabulary to learn, if you want to find more information activities or inclusive games you can visit:

Remember for the 2nd. unit you must to work on portafolio about drug information and preventions, here are some link to help you for the work.


Calendario de valores ciclo escolar  2011-2012


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