The Learning Circle

Las clases de ingles en secundaria nos permiten realizar prácticas sociales del lenguaje y esto lo logramos a trevés de la presentación de textos orales o escritos, lo que los alumnos hacen con los textos es Leer o Escuchar para Reflexionar sobre la lengua y lograr producciones que pueden ser Escribir o Escuhar.   Los componentes del ciclo de aprendizaje son los siguentes:

ACTIVE» The first stage of lesson requires you active your previous knowledge of the language or of the world and relate it to your own real- life experiences.

EXPERIENCE » At the next stage of the cycle you experience a real-life situation presented through either a written or a spoken text. The text serve as a model for you to produce a similar text or conversation.

REFLECT» The third stage of the lesson allows you to reflect on specific aspects of language, organization and content which are used in the text.

CREATE» At the final stage of the cycle, you are given the opportunity to create your own text or conversation individually, with a classmate or in a small groups.

Choices 2008. Edit. Macmillan.


Everybody have different ways to learn, abilities or skill and inclusive we use multiples intelligent to work. According with the “Methodology framework for teaching a foreign language in basic education” The Students  have to develop the competence:Read




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